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ACPO comment on the first anniversary of Sarah's law

PUBLISHED April 9, 2012

ACPO lead on the management of sexual offenders ACC Michelle Skeer said:

"One of the strengths of the child sex offender disclosure scheme is that it allows any individual with a concern for the welfare of any child to make an application to their local police force. This empowerment of parents, carers, guardians and the wider public to take steps to protect children from harm, has seen concerns being raised by close and extended family members and neighbours.

"Where it is deemed necessary to disclose information to safeguard a child, this is done to the person who is best placed to care for the child.

"The actions of these members of the public have undoubtedly led to children being protected and helped to ensure greater public confidence in the police and other responsible authorities in the monitoring of sex offenders.

"When information is disclosed there is an agreement reached with the carer that this information must remain confidential to ensure the wider safety of the public. Anyone wishing to make an application should make contact with their local police force."