Magistrate Courts will remain open on Monday 19th September

PUBLISHED September 14, 2022

The funeral of the late Queen next Monday has required the closure of the courts in the UK.

The magistrates’ courts, will, however, continue to operate as we would on a Bank Holiday.

In London, the Head of Legal Services, Stephen McAllister has advised the following:

‘ For Monday we’ve made best endeavours to get things lined up for courts to sit from 9.00am.

Court building doors will be open from 8.00am and courtroom doors from 08:30am with the expectation for CPS & defence to be there to enable/encourage earlier taking of instructions.  Local and national efforts are being made to encourage earlier collection of prisoners from police and delivery to court. We cannot promise all this will work but we are confident every effort is being made.’

The Legal Aid Agency have been informed of the earlier start at 09.00am so they are aware.

Please also note that Guidance has been sent to all District Judges (who will be sitting across London).

In particular, they have been instructed ‘Where possible, cases on the day should be heard either side of the funeral service.’ This means cases will probably not be heard for the period of the funeral service itself (likely 11.00am to 1.00pm).