LCCSA Response to the AGFS Consultation (October 2018) (002)

The LCCSA was born in 1948 WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 70 YEARS ON 16TH NOVEMBER 2018 AT THE CRYPT                        ] Our celebratory brochure is in production. We hope you would like to purchase space in the Brochure at the rate of £100 per half [...]

CALA Conference 2018 Flyer

WE NEED YOUR VOICE AS WE CELEBRATE 70 YEARS   LCCSA 70th ANNIVERSARY FILM &TWITTER CAMPAIGN   THEMES / QUESTIONS   Please respond to any of the below on which you feel strongly and have a good story to tell.    Complete the attached form and then please send your video clip, or your audio [...]

WE NEED YOUR VOICE AS WE CELEBRATE 70 YEARS   LCCSA 70th ANNIVERSARY FILM &TWITTER CAMPAIGN     How Do You Represent Someone Who You Know Is Guilty?   Have You Ever Prevented A Miscarriage Of Justice?   What Aspect Of Your Job Is Least Recognised Or Understood By Others?   THE LCCSA is 70 [...]

Application for Entry Protocol LCCSA The application form is for all courts. Legal practitioners must only register at courts they know they are attending. Please complete a supplementary application form if access to more than 5 courts is required. Please send completed form/s to


We are delighted to be able to share the news that from 5th September 2018  LCCSA identity cards which have long been used for access to police stations,  will authorise search-free entry to all courts and additionally fast-track entry at the following courts:   Wood Green Crown Court Southwark Crown Court Brighton Magistrates Court Maidstone [...]

The High Court at 10:30am on 03/08/2018 handed down judgement in favour of the Law Society's Judicial Review Challenge against the recent LGFS cuts.

GPS pilot defence solicitors poster

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