MOJ say nothing will happen in terms of a Government response to the consultation until after the election on 8 June.  

I will be attending a court users’ meeting at Isleworth Crown Court on Wednesday 26/4 on behalf of the association to talk about the problem of access at Scrubs. The Head of Operations of the prison will be present at the meeting to hear our complaints. I ask members to assist me with issues they [...]

Congratulations to Leigh Webber who has been appointed to the Sentencing Council Solicitors' Panel from which he will be able to provide the views of practitioners at an early stage in their process.  As Law Reform Officer Leigh works hard on behalf of the association to respond to a plethora of consultations and initiatives, providing [...]

The LCCSA are opposing the proposed new pilot for extended court hours at Highbury Corner- see here  for details of the proposal dubbed the "breakfast court". Update -as at 1st April 2017 The Association has now  received a response to  submissions and questions to HMCTS- and are delighted that the Court Service have confirmed there will [...]

The LCCSA have been contacted by the Traveller Movement via Doughty Street chambers to promote their recent work highlighting the experience of Gypsy, Traveller and Roma children in the CJS.   Their briefing paper which will be of interest to you and can be found here . This will be followed up with articles in the [...]

An earlier version of this post appeared here Breakfast courts for cereal offenders? The new proposals amount to a serving of cold porridge, and advocates will need strong coffee when courts start sitting for 9 hour days... Defence lawyers who practice regularly in North London, along with the LCCSA and other representative bodies, were taken [...]

Consultation response LGFS and Court Appointees f

Deadline for LGFS and court appointees consultation is fast approaching . The LCCSA have set up a hub and provided some guidance to make it easier . The government propose to introduce either a further 8.75 % cut or alternatively cap the number of pages that we are paid to 6000 . They also plan [...]

The Tuesday Truth Are we being scammed? (An illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people).   The LGFS and Court Appointees Consultation (closes 24th March)   It is abundantly clear that the purpose of the consultation is to effect “savings”. The summary, (B. Rationale and Policy objectives, is para 7.) says [...]

Whose mess is it anyway? In the wake of the decision to withdraw the ill-fated duty solicitor contracts, the LAA developed a policy of heavy touch monitoring of contract holders conducting criminals defence work. Some firms were subjected to no less than 9 separate audits over a short period of 6 months. The zeal with [...]

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