The LCCSA and CLSA welcome the public recognition by the Ministry of Justice that more funding is needed to deal with the crisis in the Criminal Justice System.   For more than 2 decades value has been eroded by inflation and direct cuts, and millions of people have been taken out of scope and priced [...]

Dear Lady Justice Macur   As you are aware many Counsel are refusing to accept instruction in post-1/4/18 “legal aid” matters due to a general dissatisfaction at the Bar with the new Advocate Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS). This has placed solicitors and their clients in a very difficult position. We hope this letter will be [...]

The Right to Exercise Rights of Audience153279

Law Commission Youth Sentencing Consultation

cc v lccsa LCCSA vs CHARTER CHAMBERS Friday 25th May Kick off: 6:45pm at Leyton Orient FC, Brisbane Road E10 5NF Charter Chambers will take on the LCCSA for the inaugural Charter Chambers Cup.   Please join us for a social evening of food, drink and 'first class' football. It is free to enter the [...]

Our Justice system is in crisis. Cuts to legal aid mean too many people are being priced out of justice. Staff are paying the price for unprecedented budget cuts and privatisation with thousands of job cuts since 2010. It’s time to fight to save our justice system   Join the Vigil for Justice on Wednesday [...]

Last night 200 Solicitors and Barristers assembled at the Law Society on Chancery Lane to agree on the fundamental principles required to underpin our justice system by joining the launch of the Charter for Justice These principles are set out in the #Charter4Justice set out below: 1 Equal Access to Justice Publicly funded representation is [...]

Commentary by LCCSA President Greg Powell,  following his participation at the launch of the Charter for Justice Successive Ministers for Justice have been incompetent , negligent or mendacious. They are between them responsible for over two decades of cuts to legal aid. Government expenditure rose from 600 billion to 840 billion within the last 10 [...]

Charter for Justice Preamble For too many years those who are close to the criminal justice system have observed the impact of funding restraints and cuts which have led to dilapidated buildings, reduced access to Justice, and a prison service on the point of collapse. The Lammy report has highlighted inequality of outcomes, and recently [...]

Disclosure Letter - Defence Sols

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