The Officers of the Association are the President (who Chairs the committee), the immediate past president, the senior & Vice Presidents, the secretary, Treasurer, Media officer and training officer.


The President is elected at the AGM and serves a term of one year, after which (s)he remains on the committee for a further period of a year.

The President chairs committee meetings and has the casting vote. (S)he delivers an annual report to the annual general meeting and a monthly report to committee meetings, and also chair all functions hosted by the Association such as working dinners & conferences.

Edward Jones
Kingsley Napley


The Executive officer is appointed by the committee and is an officer. He reports monthly to the committee and presents an annual report to the Annual general meeting. His/her role is to keep the President & committee appraised of all developments as regard criminal contracting and new legislation, and assist in ensuring that all consultation papers published by the LCCSA are forwarded to the appropriate interested parties & people of influence.

The Executive officer keeps abreast of developments with the Law Society, LAA, and organisations that effect the way in which Criminal Solicitors in London are able to practice. (S)he develops and oversee appropriate publicity through effective relationships with the media, other criminal organisations and public speaking alongside the President, and develops good relations with organisations, including Local Councillors, MPs, local/national Government Officers, Legal Services Commission and the Law Society.

Alongside the Treasurer, the Executive officer provides a monthly report as regard any funds that have been earmarked for campaigning/issues that effect the membership.


Casey Jenkins

Hodge Jones & Allen



The Secretary is elected at the AGM and like all officers retires annually but is eligible for re-election.  The Secretary maintains and circulates the agenda and minutes of all committee meetings and the AGM, and disseminates and answers correspondence, assists with the administration of the Association, and answer members queries.

Alison Marks
MK Law Solicitors Ltd


The Treasurer is elected at the AGM and retires annually although (s)he is eligible for re-election. The Treasurer ensures that all monies of the Association are correctly accounted, that the accounts are audited annually and that the Association does not fall into debt. The Treasurer delivers monthly accounts and a report on any issues of importance to the Committee.

Rebecca Von Blumenthal

Shearman Bowen



The Association is often asked to comment on consultation papers relevant to the criminal justice system, as well as matters that attract media attention.

Our Law Reform Officer oversees the submission of the papers that the Association submits each year, on a wide range of topics. (S)he often sets up ad hoc sub-committees from our membership to ensure that any response we make is on informed basis, and to ensure that the voice of the Association is heard.

Bartholomew Dalton
Hickman & Rose


Diana Payne
Blackfords LLP 


The media officer is elected at the AGM and retires annually but is eligible for re-election. (S)he edits the quarterly publication of the “The Advocate” & arranges for its distribution to the membership and other parties

Piers Desser

Carson Kaye