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President’s Bulletin March 26th 2021

PUBLISHED March 26, 2021

Overnight cases at Walworth Police Station to go to Westminster Magistrates’ Court from the 29th March

From this Monday, to ease the pressure at Croydon Magistrates’’ Court’s cell capacity detainees at Walworth will be taken to Westminster until further notice.  I know what you are thinking, we could have done with another court 1.2 miles to the south of Walworth.


Remote Police Interviews (JIIP)

We will provide feedback on how this process has worked keeping us safe in the pandemic.  What was successful, what caused you concern and, if it needs to be used again, what improvements need to be made? Please send you views to


Southwark Lateral Flow Test Pilot

If you attend this court please send feedback on the pilot, even if you decided not to use it:

Mark Troman


London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association