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The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association (“LCCSA”) was founded in 1948. Members are Solicitors who practise in and around the Greater London area. Included are Prosecutors and self-employed advocates. Honorary Members (who are past Members of the Association) include Circuit Judges and District Judges.

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The London Advocate Issue 86

Although the High Court – sadly – ruled against the association (along with the CLSA and Law Society) in the recent judicial review proceedings, we can now look forward to the appeal. It was difficult to feel beaten as I stood in Old Palace Yard on the afternoon of Monday 23 February, listening to the […]


London Advocate issue 85

A very Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that, during the festive season, you found time for a brief respite from the contractual conundrums and that any headaches were due to an overindulgence of spirits, rather than yet more errors in the documents provided by the LAA. Of course, trying to make sense of […]

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Advocate issue 84

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. When I wrote the editorial for the September Advocate, we were awaiting the court hearing of the LCCSA’s and CLSA’s judicial review proceedings against the Lord Chancellor. When the news of our victory broke, I hoped that, in this November edition, we could congratulate ourselves and take […]

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Advocate issue 83

As I write this, Mr Grayling is trying to convince the public that the prisons are not in crisis. There are a lot of people out there contradicting him. While prisons are in the headlines, away from the glare of publicity, lawyers instructed on behalf of the LCCSA and CLSA are preparing for the judicial […]

Advocate issue 82

Summer has arrived. I, for one, have been looking forward to it, having spent the first quarter of the year training for the marathon in dark, cold, wet weather that only the insane would consider appropriate conditions for running. The prospect of lighter evenings, barbecues and beer gardens is an appealing one; but I fear […]

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Advocate Issue 81

By the time this reaches you, I hope you will have enjoyed a couple of Bank Holiday weekends, an improvement in the weather and recovered from a surfeit of chocolate and the overdose of literary quotations squeezed into the last edition of The Advocate! But an editorial would not be complete without one cultural reference: […]

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