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Unconciousness man on train tracks mugged and run over

PUBLISHED September 13, 2012

Video footage showing a mugger leaving an unconscious man on the underground train track after robbing him at a station in Stockholm was released by police on Wednesday in the hope of finding the perpetrator.

Instead of helping the man who had fallen onto the track, rendering him unconscious, the man jumped down on the track and mugged him leaving him there on the line.

Some minutes later the train arrived and the unconscious man - identified in Swedish media as 38-year-old Johnny - was run over by the oncoming train.

Miraculously he survived but is now in hospital, being treated for serious injuries. Half of his left foot has had to be amputated.

The man was returning home from a night out with his friends early on Saturday morning when he fell onto the rail tracks. The incident was caught by a surveillance camera and was broadcast on the Swedish TV show Wanted with the aim of finding the mugger.

Police are treating the incident as aggravated theft. The thief stole a necklace, wallet and a mobile telephone.