Reduce your police station paperwork

PUBLISHED January 29, 2014

Keep your admin to a minimum and save costs

Ease your work burden and save on costs by keeping paperwork to a minimum for police station files.
There is an increasing trend to file unnecessary paperwork for police station advice work.

This is what is needed:

  • CDS 11 claim summary
  • single document setting out police station costs
  • single document recording details and outcome of activities 
Examples of how to format these documents are available on the justice website ? see link below. 

Using your own forms

We understand providers may have evolved their own forms and we are happy for you to use them to record this information.
All we ask is that they are consistent with the preferred format above.
Details about the following need to be provided as a minimum:
  1. name, and professional background of police station adviser
  2. name, date of birth and address of accused
  3. when and where detention was authorised, together with where the accused is being held
  4. the Officer in Charge (OIC)
  5. searches or samples requested or given
  6. any need for an interpreter or appropriate adult, including names and background
  7. bail and conditions
  8. medical conditions
  9. advice and assistance given
  10. co-defendants and their legal representatives
  11. result of police station attendance 

Further information

Justice website: police stations ? see last section on keeping paperwork to a minimum to download example documents