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Hardship applications: who to contact

PUBLISHED November 2, 2012

02 November 2012

Advocates need to make sure they contact the correct person for hardship applications

Remember to use the correct contact in our new expanded contract management team when making hardship applications.

The contacts have recently changed following the expansion of our Bar pilot scheme

Contact information about the contract management team is on the Advocates' Bulletin page.

Spreadsheet showing contacts

There is also a 'Bar CM Chambers allocations' spreadsheet in the documents panel on the same page listing the name of the contract manager with responsibilities for specific chambers.

If no contract manager has been assigned to your chambers, then apply to the contract manager covering the circuit in which your chambers is located.

This is detailed on the Advocates' Bulletin page and is also available in the accompanying news article in this bulletin (see below).

Further information

LSC website: Advocates' Bulletin

LSC Website: Bar CM contacts