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G20 protest death: court shown footage of Ian Tomlinson's last moments

PUBLISHED June 19, 2012

His final moments were played and re-played in slow motion to a jury before pictures of his lifeless body were beamed into Southwark Crown Court.

PC Simon Harwood, 45, was captured on camera adopting the "strike" position with his baton before running at Mr Tomlinson, 47, from behind and hitting him, then sending him flying to the floor.

The clips, taken from CCTV cameras, amateur hand-held footage, ITN, the BBC and police helicopter videos, served to demonstrate the tense atmosphere and the stand-off between police and protesters during the protests in the City of London on April 1, 2009.

Throngs of activists chanted and jeered as riot squad officers, many with police dogs, attempted to maintain control of the situation.