Practice and Procedure

CPS Instructions for Prosecuting Advocates

PUBLISHED June 14, 2010

The CPS has circulated the 'CPS Instructions for Prosecuting Advocates' booklet. The ?CPS Instructions for Prosecuting Advocates? document forms an integral part of the Crown Court Case Preparation Package.
The revised document has been to the Bar, Law Society and SAHCA.
Chief Crown Prosecutors have been advised to ensure that the booklet is drawn to the attention of all local prosecuting advocates within their CPS Area it will be of interest to all advocates appearing in the Crown Court, whether prosecuting or defending. The booklet brings together advice previously given on the following subjects:

   1. Abuse of Process and The Human Rights Act 1998 (Revised June 2007)
   2. Acceptance of Pleas
   3. Advance Sentence Indication (Revised December 2007)
   4. Adverse Judicial Findings
   5. Anti Social Behaviour Orders on Conviction (Revised September 2008)
   6. Bail
   7. Confiscation (Revised July 2009)
   8. Costs (Revised June 2007)
   9. Criminal Procedure Rules and Criminal Practice Direction (Revised June 2007)
  10. Custody Time Limits(Revised July 2009)
  11. Deportation Recommendations
  12. Disclosure / Unused Material (Revised June 2007)
          * 12A. Attorney General's Guidelines on Disclosure
  13. Disqualification Orders
  14. DNA Guidance (Revised September 2008)
  15. Domestic Violence (Revised July 2009)
  16. Fitness to be Tried
  17. Freedom of Information Act 2000
  18. Handcuffing of Prisoners
  19. Homophobic and Transphobic Offences (Revised June 2007)
  20. Media Reporting (Revised June 2007)
  21. Offences in Prison (Revised September 2008)
  22. Plea and Case Management Hearing (Revised September 2008)
  23. Police Misconduct Material
  24. Prosecution Rights of Appeal (Revised September 2008)
  25. Protection from Harassment Act 1997
  26. Racially and Religiously Aggravated Offences (Revised July 2009)
  27. Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (Revised June 2007)
  28. Sentencing Issue (Revised September 2008)
  29. Sexual Offences Act 2003
  30. Special Measures (New Guidance July 2009)
  31. Trials in Absence (Revised June 2007)
  32. Unduly Lenient Sentences(Revised July 2009)
  33. Victims (Revised September 2008)
  34. Video Recorded Interviews with Vulnerable and Significant Witnesses (New Guidance June 2007)
  35. Witness Issues including Child Witnesses (Revised September 2008)
  36. Work Related Deaths
  37. Youths (Revised July 2009)