In the Media

The CPS's dilemma

PUBLISHED February 14, 2014

Another celebrity trial; another acquittal. Although two outstanding charges remain, the not guilty verdicts delivered by the jury in the prosecution of Dave Lee Travis, the disc jockey, raise a series of questions over the way the Crown Prosecution Service has pursued historic cases of sex abuse against celebrities. Just a week after William Roache, the Coronation Street actor, walked free from court, the suspicion that the CPS has overcompensated because of an institutional failure to bring Jimmy Savile to book will grow. Although prosecutors are right to examine each case on its merits, there must be doubts over the pending court action against a host of celebrities currently on bail following their arrest by Operation Yewtree detectives. Michael Le Vell, another Coronation Street actor although not part of Yewtree, was also found not guilty on child sex abuse charges.