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Message from the LAA regarding the fee increases for Crown Court cases. 

PUBLISHED December 6, 2022

Please see the message below from the LAA regarding the fee increases for Crown Court cases.

Dear All,

Many of you will have noted the news story Crime news: further extension of fee rises to cover more cases - GOV.UK ( in the latest LA Bulletin Crime fee rises and webinar training (, detailing the further extension of the fee uplifts to the relevant elements of the LGFS and AGFS in place prior to 17 September 2020 (when the CLAR accelerated measures were introduced).

We have updated the Crown Court Fee Guidance Crown Court fee guidance - GOV.UK ( to support this change, adding a paragraph to the general guidance of the relevant versions to confirm that these older cases are eligible for the uplift, where their main hearing takes place on or after 23 December 2022. Again, there is no change to the claiming process, the uplifts will be applied to eligible cases, but it would assist if providers could make sure that the main hearing date is clearly made out. The fee uplift scenarios guidance has also been updated Fee_uplift_scenarios_guidance__2_.pdf (