LCCSA News, President's Report

President’s Bulletin 29th Jan 2020

PUBLISHED January 29, 2021

Magistrates’ Courts listings

Many of you will be now used to checking Courtserve for magistrates’ courts block listings for bail cases.  The courts have noticed some people are still arriving for 09:30. Please remember the police can only bail to 09:30 or 13:30 and this is likely to be changed by the list office shortly before the date and then published on Courtserve.  On occasion the list has failed to be uploaded (or a court room is missed off) but I have found the London admin centre can help and their lines open at 8am, T0300 303 0645.

Serving large files via Egress

On the rare occasion you need to serve evidence on the CPS that is too large to attach to an email this letter explains how this can be done without using DX or post.

The Howard League focus group on race and racism in the CJS

Please take a moment to read this flyer and invitation to participate in what seems like a valuable piece of academic research.  The deadline for registering interest is this Monday 1st February, we hope you will dedicate you time to a good cause.

Kind regards,

Mark Troman