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Stars are 'frightened' by Savile abuse allegations

PUBLISHED October 27, 2012

Publicist, Max Clifford, has said that he is being approached by stars from the 60s and 70s who are increasingly concerned over the growing investigation into the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse claims.

Mr Clifford said, "I think there are a lot of very famous people who are very concerned and very frightened".

He went on to say that a distinction should be made between the "real Jimmy Savile types" and "young guys, many of whom were being pursued in dressing rooms ... and everywhere they went by young girls".

The well known publicist also commented on an influx of stories, that he believed to be false, made by people trying to profit from the scandal.

"In the last two or three weeks I would think we've been approached by between 20 and 30 women, who are claiming all kinds of things, of which I would doubt that 50 per cent were being completely honest."