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Drinker given final chance by court

PUBLISHED June 28, 2006

AN alcoholic was given a last chance to kick the habit that had repeatedly landed him before the courts.

Keith Mellor, 56, was told he had come perilously close to going to prison after making his second appearance before Blackburn magistrates for offences of being drunk and disorderly since he was given a suspended prison sentence in February.

A district judge was persuaded not to impose the sentence after Rachel Adamson, defending, said that for the first time in his life her client had resolved to kick the habit.

"He is seeking help and it is hoped he will begin a detox programme within the next two weeks," said Miss Adamson.

"The reason he goes into the pub is that he is lonely but inevitably one pint leads to another and he accepts that when he is drunk he becomes aggressive."

Mellor, of Maria Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on a bus and was fined ?100 with ?34 costs.