One for Firm Owners: The Law Society seeking views on SMP

The Law Society has yet to hear anything from the LAA with regard to any financial assistance for firms but they have started to hear reports of SMPs being cut due to a reduction in billing over the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The Law Society has asked if Solicitors with responsibility for firms on the SMP model could answer the following questions to build up a clearer picture as to the impact an overall drop in lower crime billing has had on SMPs:

1. Has your SMP been cut by the LAA since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic?
2. If so, what has the impact been on your firm?
3. Is your billing in the process of dropping to the point where you would expect a cut to your SMP shortly?
4. If so, what impact might this have on your firm?
5. If you are willing to talk to the Law Society about this, please provide your contact details.

Please send all responses to:

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