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Don't think we don't foresee disaster with the closure of 1,000 practices

PUBLISHED April 22, 2015

So we might have not succeeded in persuading the court of appeal that dual contracting was unlawful , and many of our members may be now processing tenders, but that doesn't mean that we don't foresee disaster if and when it is implemented .
Nor does it mean we don't foresee the closure of around 1,000 practices nationally; nor does it mean that we don't expect quality to diminish in favour of cost efficiency ; nor does it mean we don't share the concerns of those from politicians to judiciary who have spoken out about access to justice ; nor does it mean the government can justify selling off sections of the justice system to the highest bidder ; nor does it mean we can accept that the government without consultation or debate  introduce a "facilities" charge for those brought into before it;
If you don't accept any of the above , please join us on Thursday at Westminster Methodist HallIf at least one delegate attended from each firm (one firm is sending ten) and each set of barristers chambers it would send a huge message of unity to the next justice secretary.  !! BOOK NOW !!
Sir Alan Moses, Baroness Kennedy , Shami Chakrabarti and Raphael Rowe see these issues as vital enough to give up their time , we hope those who work in the system affected by it do as well .
We have colleagues travelling from the North East , Merseyside , Lincolnshire and Wales , let's be there to welcome them .

Training Extra

If you can arrive at 11pm . Our resident back page contributor Bruce Reid has kindly agreed to provide 1.5 hours on transforming summary justice , a further frightening government initiative , just around the corner.