Practice and Procedure

Criminal Procedure Rules Committee Meeting

PUBLISHED December 10, 2011

Paul Harris attended the CPR Committee meeting on the 18/11/2011 and files a brief report as follows:

  • The proposal that the prosecution can request up to 30 days upon sending a case to the crown court in either way matters was not agreed. It was mentioned that the mags court can adjourn sending under S52 CDA 1998, however the committee were not willing to amend the rules to allow the crown as of right to adjourn proceedings for up to 30 days.
  • No changes were made to the rules concerning expert evidence and there was not time to discuss the bail and custody time limit item or the appeal to the high court by case stated.
  • It was agreed that the crown do not have to attend when a court is dealing with written guilty pleas which in some courts now is the practise.

Most of the other matters were not discussed or not particularly controversial, the next meeting is the Rule signing one.  Paul will publish a list of the rules due to be introduced before the next meeting on the 16th December, together with an agenda (check the diary).  Comments can be posted here or emailed to any committee member.