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What is SlutWalk London doing lining up behind Julian Assange? | Sarah Ditum

PUBLISHED September 28, 2012

Oh dear, SlutWalk London. On Saturday you're marshalling crowds of women in fishnets and bras to chant "my dress is not a yes" and promoting petitions insisting that the Home Office should prosecute rapists. Come Tuesday, you're taking to Twitter to issue statements objecting to the extradition of Julian Assange to face rape charges in Sweden. Rapists should be prosecuted, but according to SlutWalk London, the fact that many who are accused of rape ultimately aren't convicted means that this particular accused rapist shouldn't be subject to due process. It's an awkward position to adopt, and the most awkward thing of all is the way it conscripts those who joined the march to a cause that was never part of the prospectus.

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