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Verifying your civil contract bids

PUBLISHED February 14, 2013

We?re contacting firms who have not provided necessary verification documents.

The LSC is now calling applicants who have not provided all the documents to verify their successful 2013 Standard Civil Contract bids.

The aim is to confirm the outstanding information needed so that applicants can meet our requirements by the contract start date (1 April 2013).

We originally notified applicant organisations of the outcome of their tenders, and what additional information that needed to supply to verify successful bids, early in January 2013.

Missing the deadline

It may be that some organisations are unable to verify some or all of their individual bids by the contract start date (1 April 2013).

If that happens, we will act in accordance with paragraphs 9.18 and/or 9.21 of the ITT Information For Applicants.

Next steps

Some applicants have now complied with the verification requirements and ?contracts for signature? will be sent out to these organisations in early March.

Counter-signed contracts will be sent out upon confirmation that the contract has been signed appropriately.

If you have any question over the contract or the verification process, please send a message through the relevant eTender message boards.

Further information

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