Update on current action 07/07/2015

PUBLISHED July 7, 2015

Further to yesterday’s email , we have received emails for several more firms who are participating in the protocol . We are collating a list for circulation , if you wish to be included in that list please email
Clarification has also been sought in relation to duty calls
1. Many who are following the protocol are dealing with one case at a time , so when a matter has been deployed a further one is not accepted until the earlier one has been concluded.
2. Under the protocol there is no need to take back up cases.
3. If you act as duty for another firms own client , please try to contact that firm to advise of the outcome so that they are aware that their client isn’t being taken by a non participating firm .
Are we getting anywhere ?
We can confirm that the MOJ have opened lines with us but we are unable to say any ore at this moment . Your support and the trust of the professions is appreciated.
West London Meeting tonight Drayton Manor Hotel , West Ealing at 5.30
South East London 2pm Weds 8th July BEPS , 229 Deptford High Street SE8 3NT
Bristol Crown Court saw the first major  effect of the action as defendant appeared on a murder charge unrepresented.