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Transforming legal aid: crime duty contracts – Response Hub

PUBLISHED October 1, 2014

This hub will close at 23:30 on 15/10/2014 (15 minutes before the deadline expires). Please make sure you have completed your response before then!

This hub has been jointly designed and collaboratively hosted by the LCCSA and the CLSA to assist those who wish to reply to the MOJ's latest consultation. It reproduces the questions asked in the consultation document (though not necessarily in the same order), and also adds some additional ones in the hope that these might be useful in terms of identifying the main issues. We have embedded the consultation document itself, as well as the relevant reports and draft reports to which it refers.
Once you have completed your response click on the button "submit" and it will automatically be emailed to MOJ and also saved to our system (the notes setting out the CLSA's response are not included in the final document). You will receive a confirmation email from us. You will also be asked if you consent to us tweeting the fact that you have responded - we hope that this will promote awareness of this very important consultation.

Each user must enter a unique email address. The system will not allow more than one submission from the same email address, and once you submit your response it cannot be edited.

!! Please read each question carefully! Your answer will almost certainly not be the same for each question (the logic for some is reversed) !!

Please note that on some of the sections the consultation page / relevant report is displayed. Allow time for this to load properly and use the inner scroll bar to scroll through the consultation paper and the reports but the outer scroll bar to move onto the questions!

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