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Alcohol Abstinence & Monitoring Requirement – roll out begins in Wales

PUBLISHED October 29, 2020

Dear Members,
We share with you details of the recent roll out of the Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement which went live in Wales last week. It is expected that this will go live in London around February 2021 but we will of course keep members updated once timeframes are known.
Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement begins rollout
Wales will be the first region to ‘go live’ with the Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement (AAMR) on 21 October 2020.
The new community sentence option bans individuals from drinking alcohol for up to 120 days and compliance is monitored by an alcohol monitoring tag s, a new and innovative form of electronic monitoring for the MoJ. The tags have the ability to perform around-the-clock monitoring of alcohol intake.
From 21 October 2020, Courts in Wales will have the power to impose an AAMR for adults who live in Wales, as part of a Community Order or Suspended Sentence for alcohol related offences.
Adult offenders can be ordered to abstain from alcohol and wear an alcohol monitoring tag for up to 120 days, as long as they are not alcohol dependent or have an Alcohol Treatment Programme (ATR) recommended or in place.
Probation staff will have direct access to compliance data, offering an additional tool to use in the management and rehabilitation of offenders.
Roll out of the requirement will be available across England next year.
If you have any questions, please contact the team at Electronic Monitoring Enquiries:
Link to AAMR FAQs: AAMR Generic FAQs v1.0
Link to AAMR Infographic: Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement infographic v1.0
Link to AAMR Subject leaflet: Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring Requirement infographic v1.0
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