5SAH & LCCSA Webinar – The New Sentencing Code – Demystifying Risk Assessments

PUBLISHED December 7, 2020

LCCSA & 5SAH Webinar: The Sentencing Code and Demystifying Risk Assessments 

16 December at 5PM (UK) Register Via Zoom

Join us for our latest Criminal Law Webinar, presented by John Oliver and Amy Woolfson, criminal barristers at 5SAH.  We are delighted to be joined by HHJ Edward Connell, who brings a perspective from the Bench. HHJ Connell sits at Isleworth Crown Court and is a former member of 5SAH Chambers.

 Who should attend?

Presented in association with the LCCSA and aimed at defence practitioners, the seminar will shine a light on the tools used by the Probation Service to assess an offender’s risk of re-offending and their risk of causing serious harm. We will also examine the new Sentencing Code, which came into force on 1 December 2020. The speakers will explain how the Probation Service reach their conclusions, how to address them, and how to navigate the Sentence Code.

John Oliver and Amy Woolfson offer their first-hand experiences as criminal barristers. Amy Woolfson will draw on her experience of working at the Law Commission when the Sentencing Code was in its inception. We will discuss the Sentencing Code’s implementation, scope and the changes it brings to the sentencing exercise. HHJ Connell will offer his insight into a judge’s view of the sentencing exercise.

Questions are welcome in advance or via the Q&A button throughout the session.