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Theft offences guideline consultation

PUBLISHED April 3, 2014

The consultation on the draft guideline on theft offences is open from 3 April 2014 to 26 June 2014.
The Sentencing Council is seeking views on:

  • the principal factors that make any of the offences included within the draft guideline more or less serious;
  • the additional factors that should influence the sentence;
  • the approach taken to structuring the draft guidelines;
  • the types and lengths of sentences that should be passed for theft offences; and
  • anything else that you think should be considered.

The consultation applies to:

  • theft from a shop or stall;
  • general theft offences including: theft from the person, theft in breach of trust, theft in a dwelling, theft of a motor vehicle, theft from a motor vehicle and theft of a pedal cycle;
  • abstracting electricity;
  • making off without payment;
  • handling stolen goods; and
  • going equipped for theft or burglary.

The consultation paper includes the draft guideline:

Alternatively you can respond to the consultation online.
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