Survey on Pay in the Legal Sector

PUBLISHED October 29, 2019

Legal Sector Workers United (LSWU) has teamed up with Organise ( to launch a survey about pay in the legal sector. The anonymous information collected will enable workers to better understand the pay landscape, and their position in it. The information will be published, so that we as a sector can together determine where the most serious issues with pay lie (e.g. in particular roles, areas of law, or parts of the country). And it will generate specific examples of legal aid practitioners’ pay, which may be relevant to future discussions with the Ministry of Justice.
You can complete the survey here:
LSWU ask that you also consider sharing a link to the survey on social media, or with individual friends and colleagues. You can find a Tweet about it here:
The more people who respond, the better the information we all have, and the greater our collective power.
You can contact LSWU about this survey on anything else at