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Send indictments to avoid rejects

PUBLISHED April 11, 2013

Indictments are needed with litigator fee claims to verify the offence class

It is important for litigators to send indictments with litigator fee claims to avoid documents being rejected.

The indictment will be needed to verify the offence class.

Help us to help you

You can also help us to assess your claim accurately by submitting case summaries or witness statements ? especially when claiming offence classes B, G and K.

These will help us to ensure you are paid correctly.

Use correct LF1 forms

If you are submitting your claim online please use the LF1 online form.

This can be used for fixed fees claims, not just for final fee claims.

If you are not submitting your claim online, please use the manual LF1 form

Make sure the form is complete

Reject rates are around 6%, which is relatively low. But this equates to around 4,500 LGFS rejected claims each year because of missing information.

Make sure the LF1 form is completed in full and includes:

? Final hearing date (including fixed fees)
? Case number
? Means Assessment and Appeals Tool (MAAT) number
? Signature and date

Missing information leads to unnecessary delay but the reasons are often easily avoided.


Please make sure it is clear you are claiming VAT.

Further information

Justice website: Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme

Nottingham LGFS Team ? 0115 908 4383