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Russell Brand bamboozles MPs at drug hearing

PUBLISHED April 24, 2012

During an energetic hearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee, the comic who was dressed in a black vest and a large gold chain said that drug addicts should be shown "love and compassion". chaired by Leicester East MP Keith Vaz Brand referred to as "mate"

He told MPs that he was "sad, lonely, unhappy" and "detached" when he started taking drugs and went on to quote late rapper Tupac Shakur who rejected being labelled as a role model.

Committee chairman Keith Vaz, the Leicester East MP who Brand referred to as "mate" noted the comedian had been arrested 'roughly 12 times", to which Mr Brand replied "it was rough, yes".

He appeared alongside Chip Somers, chief executive of the detox centre Focus 12, which Mr Brand went to for treatment to recover from drugs.

As Mr Vaz attempted to cut Mr Brand short when they were running out of time, the comedian took a dig at the Home Secretary's recent troubles.

"Time is infinite. We can't run out of time. Who's next? Theresa May? She may not turn up. Ask her if she knows what day it is."