HMCTS Email address to report Covid-19 related information (London Magistrates’ Courts)

PUBLISHED October 29, 2020

Dear Members,

Following us raising concerns about difficulties contacting the London Magistrates’ Courts to report urgent Covid-19 related information, HMCTS has now set up a dedicated mailbox for this purpose:

This email address should only be used to report to HMCTS if a member of your organisation has either Covid Symptoms or has tested Positive for Covid, and they have been within the vicinity of one of the London Magistrates’ Courts.

The inbox will be regularly checked every day and the information made promptly available to the Operation Managers for each Court site.

Please do not use this mailbox for any other purpose other than to urgently notify the Magistrates’ Courts of potential Covid-related contact. HMCTS has confirmed that any emails not Covid-related will be deleted. We would ask that you continue to report any other health and safety concerns at individual courts to us at and we will raise with the relevant Managers.

When emailing the Covid mailbox, please ensure you include the following information:

• In the Subject Field: the relevant Courthouse (so that the Operations Manager for that courthouse can pick up and action the email promptly)
• Date any symptoms started
• Symptoms
• Date last in Court and Courthouse/s they visited
• Where in the building the person(s) went (e.g. First Floor Public Toilets, Courtroom 3, etc).
• Date of any Test
• Date of any Test Result
• Date informed HMCTS/who informed if reported other than in this email

This information will be given to the HMCTS Covid Response Team who will decide what action(s) to take and it will be relayed promptly to anybody the person may have been in contact with.

Kerry Hudson