President's Report

President’s Bulletin 22nd September 2021

PUBLISHED September 22, 2021

Member discount for Archbold 2022, up to £72 off
LCCSA members can enjoy a 10% discount for various packages of the 2022 edition.  Please use this order here  For those who have already placed an order but wish to benefit please follow this advice:
“if the member has received an Advanced Price Notification for Archbold 2022 they must contact our Customer Services Team or Julie Johnson ( so that the original order can be amended, otherwise they risk receiving two copies as the standing order will be sent plus the new discounted copy. Please could you let your members know that they should send the completed form plus a note that they have received an APN.”

Nightingale court at Monument
I share with you a leaflet for professionals who may have a case listed in this new Nightingale venue, taking work from several of London’s Crown Courts.

Common Platform help
I share the following information and news from those responsbile for its implementation, this will hopefully provide assistance to those encountering problems, but if not the webinar should be a forum to raise your issues.

Defence information on GOV.UK

  • The learning guide will be updated shortly incorporating extensive feedback and troubleshooting information along with guidance to case material sections.
  • Alongside the current GOV.UK defence pages, the GOV.UK team are concurrently assessing the total of information to reformat and provide a better structure and user journey. Once that is complete, the current pages will be switched over – I’ll advise when that is due to go live.

National defence webinar
Date is set for Friday 24 September 2021.

CLAR accelerated measures
We have been informed by the LAA that claims in August for considering unused materials in LGFS submissions are only being made in 42% of eligible cases.  The process for claiming is simple and so to raise awareness I share the training material found here Ministry of Justice and the supporting slides.  Please review you billing arrangements to check that you are not missing out and under claiming.

Kind Regards

Mark Troman