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Rape claim was 'utterly fanciful and concocted'

PUBLISHED July 13, 2006

MARIA MARCHESE allegedly went to great lengths to convince police that Jan Falkowski had raped her.

After she was arrested in January 2004 for harassing the psychiatrist, Ms Marchese told police that he had assaulted her in his office at St Clement?s Hospital, East London, in June 2002. She said that he had put a drug in her glass of Coke and that the next thing she remembered was that he was on top of her.

She gave police underwear that she claimed to have worn on the day of the alleged attack, and tests on them showed traces of Dr Falkowski?s DNA. However, police found other traces of DNA that did not come from sperm. Further tests showed that this non-sperm DNA could have come from Dr Falkowski?s new girlfriend, Bethan Ancell.

At Southwark Crown Court yesterday, Mark Fenhalls, for the prosecution, said that Dr Falkowski had told police he had never had sex with Ms Marchese.

In November 2003, the dustbins outside Dr Falkowski?s London home had allegedly been searched and the psychiatrist had raised the possibility that his DNA could have been obtained by someone stealing a used condom from the bin.

Extensive DNA testing was partly why Dr Falkowski was not charged until December 2004. The case was dropped in August 2005.

Mr Fenhalls said that Ms Marchese?s accusations of rape against Dr Falkowski were ?utterly fanciful, manufactured and concocted?.