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Provider Reference Group events start November 2012

PUBLISHED September 27, 2012

27 September 2012

Your chance to talk to LSC senior managers and find out about legal aid changes first-hand

The next round of Provider Reference Group (PRG) events will take place in November and December 2012. We would like to encourage as many legal aid providers as possible to book a place.

We plan to cover the following subjects:

  • Civil case management
  • Civil legal aid online
  • Legal aid reform and training
  • Creation of Legal Aid Agency
  • Crime case management
  • CJS efficiency programme

We have deliberately separated out civil and crime to meet the concerns of providers who only want to attend the most relevant sessions.

The timing of the events has also been looked at to make sure we can give you as much information as possible.

This includes issues like legal aid reform and our training programme to bring providers up to speed.

The PRG events will be held in:

 Venue  Date
 Cardiff  Tuesday 6 November
 Manchester  Monday 12 November
 London Central  Thursday 15 November
 Cambridge  Monday 19 November
 London South  Monday 19 November
 Liverpool  Tuesday 27 November
 Bristol  Wednesday 5 December
 Leeds  Wednesday 5 December
 Nottingham  Thursday 6 December
 Newcastle  Thursday 6 December
 Birmingham  Monday 10 December

Booking a place

We emailed invitations on 27 September 2012 to firms and agencies with a legal aid contract.

However, you can apply direct. So if you don't receive an email invitation directly, you can still make a booking.

Although we hope to accommodate everyone, there is always the possibility of events being over-subscribed. So we have to operate on a 'first come, first served' basis.
Keep an eye on future issues of LSC Update for more information about the events.

Previous events popular with providers

Feedback from previous events has been very positive with providers saying they valued the chance for dialogue.

This is also reflected in attendance figures. Each PRG round has attracted more than 1,000 providers and some barristers.

All legal aid providers welcome

The PRG events are open to providers in both civil and criminal legal aid. Barristers working in legal aid are also welcome.

Further information about the events, including summary notes of previous events, is available on the PRG page on our website (see below).

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