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Prisons Bill to block mobile phones

PUBLISHED November 9, 2003

Legislation providing new powers to block mobile phone signals in prisons has progressed in the House of Lords.

The Prisons (Interference with Wireless Telegraphy) Bill has the backing of the Government and will enable Ministers across Britain to authorise governors to use technology to detect and disrupt the use of phones in prisons. This will assist in reducing the intimidation of witnesses, disrupt the supply of drugs and contraband into prison, and impede criminal activity orchestrated by prisoners from their cells.

In 2011, over seven thousand illicit phones and SIM cards were found in prisons in England and Wales.

Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright said:

'We are determined to address the risks posed by mobile phones in prisons and we fully support this Bill. The new technology to locate smuggled mobile devices or render them useless will play an important role in tackling illegal activity in prisons.

'Prisons work hard to tackle the consequences of phones in prison but clearly the problem persists. This will be an invaluable tool to combat this serious issue.'

The Private Members Bill has been brought forward by Sir Paul Beresford in the House of Commons and Lord Laming in the House of Lords.

New Prisons Bill to block mobile phones - Press release