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Police Negotiating Board (PNB) and compulsory severance

PUBLISHED August 5, 2013

ACPO position on compulsory severance

An ACPO spokesperson said:

"A discussion between Chief Constables on the issue of compulsory severance took place at Chief Constables' Council recently. Chiefs recognised the strength of feeling among police officers about compulsory severance and the issues of detail still to be resolved, which include the principle of compulsory severance for police officers itself. Chiefs however took the view that beyond 2016 there are likely to be further significant funding cuts and therefore, very reluctantly, forces in the future would need to have this means of reducing expenditure at their disposal. Though it would be a matter of extreme last resort, negotiations on the issue should continue and focus on ensuring the fairness of a scheme to be adopted. The discussion was not about the principle of compulsory severance but the sequencing of negotiations."