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Police and Crime Commissioners: first anniversary

PUBLISHED November 15, 2013

ACPO President Sir Hugh Orde said:

"The introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) has been a fundamental change to police accountability and governance. A year after their election, PCCs and chief constables are continuing to work hard to build productive, professional relationships, which benefit the communities they serve.

"PCCs and chief constables both have a shared aim of cutting crime, protecting and serving their communities. PCCs are playing an important role in ensuring that the wider criminal justice response is robust, with those who are the most vulnerable in society being supported.

"Chief constables want to be held to account in a robust and transparent way by their PCCs; and for them to properly hold their forces to account, a degree of tension is both necessary and healthy. It is important to recognise that while there have been some well publicised disagreements between chief constables and PCCs - the evidence to date is that most relationships are constructive and professional."