Online study about Autism in the Criminal Justice System

PUBLISHED February 26, 2020

Dr Rachel Slavny-Cross is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge working with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. Simon has previously worked as an expert witness in cases involving autistic individuals.
We would be grateful if you would consider taking part in their research on how autism is viewed within the criminal justice system.
She is looking for defence solicitors or other legal representatives to complete an anonymous online survey. They are looking for legal professionals who have previously defended an autistic individual. The survey asks questions about reasonable adjustments, sentencing outcomes and mental health concerns regarding the defendant during their involvement with the criminal justice system. It takes 15-20 minutes to complete but can be completed in more than one session.
The following link will take you to the study website where you can read more about the study and take part:
If you have any questions, please contact Rachel on
Rachel Slavny-Cross, PhD.
Research Associate
Autism Research Centre
Department of Psychiatry
University of Cambridge
Douglas House
18B Trumpington Road
Cambridge CB2 8AH
Tel: 01223 465226