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One for Special Branch? Met Police release identity parade of pot plants

PUBLISHED June 8, 2012

The Metropolitan Police are looking for the rightful owners of a number of potted plants to help them get to the root of a recent spate of garden thefts.

The force has issued a photogallery of box plants and bay trees they believe were taken from the doorsteps and yards of householders.

The identity parade of 31 different plants - thought to be worth £30 each - were picked up in a single raid on what was thought to be a greenfingered burglar.

The alleged thief had packed a van full of stolen shrubs from the area around south London and was picked up in the early hours of the morning in April.

He was arrested and then released on bail. In the meantime officers are hoping the owners of the plants will help them cultivate a case.

Inevitably the inclusion of the pictures on the Metropolitan Flickr page has led to a number of comments on the social networking site Twitter.

They include calls for "no leaf to be left unturned", a search for a "supergrass" and I hope that there will be no "'arboring of criminals".

The latest incident follows a pattern of domestic thefts that have included gates, guttering and metal from roofs

Anyone who believes they are a victim of the crime in the Clapham area of London should go to the website.

Of course, if this latest investigation proves fruitless, Special Branch will have to be called in.