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New checklist to help reduce AF1 rejects

PUBLISHED August 5, 2013

Additional guidance to help avoid reject problems

We have produced a checklist to help advocates avoid rejects for claims under the Advocate Graduated Fees Scheme (see further information).

This follows the introduction of civil reject checklists.

This additional checklist allows you to double-check your form before submission.
The most common reasons for a reject are:
  • Evidence of PPE not provided
  • No indictment enclosed
  • Incorrect instructed advocate
  • Incomplete AF1 form
  • Incorrect version of form
  • Provider number invalid or incorrect
  • Case number invalid or incorrect
  • No original signature/AF1 not signed by instructed advocate
  • Rep order not enclosed with bill
  • Claim submitted out of time
  • Incorrect offence class claimed

Help your cash flow

The checklist is not mandatory but should significantly reduce the chance of a reject, helping cash flow.

Reducing the number of claims will help us to process all claims more quickly.
If we can reduce the number of rejected bills by 50%, we will have time to process an additional 500 AF1 bills every month.
If you require further assistance, please contact your Bar Contract Manager.

Further information

Justice website:

Criminal forms: Claims ? to download AF1 form and checklist