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'Lone wolves' such as Pavlo Lapshyn are part of a bigger threat | Matthew Goodwin

PUBLISHED October 23, 2013

Only five days after he arrived in the UK from Ukraine in April this year, Pavlo Lapshyn murdered Mohammed Saleem. Saleem, an 82-year-old man, was walking home from prayers at his local mosque in Birmingham. He was stabbed three times in his back, and his head was stamped on. Two months later, amid the charged atmosphere that followed the murder of drummer Lee Rigby, 25-year-old Lapshyn detonated an explosive device outside a mosque in Walsall. The next week, he detonated another device near a mosque in Wolverhampton. Two weeks later, a third bomb packed with nails exploded outside a mosque in Tipton. The only reason the bomb did not result in hundreds of deaths was that prayers had been moved back one hour because of Ramadan.

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