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London riots: One in five rioters let out of prison early

PUBLISHED August 18, 2012

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show nearly 243 convicts were released under the home detention curfew before serving half their jail sentence, according to the Daily Mail.

Of the 1,292 criminals given prison sentences by the end of June 30 this year two convicted robbers, 162 burglars, 44 thieves and 26 violent offenders were released early along with nine jailed for other offences.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "Home Detention Curfew (HDC) is available to low risk prisoners serving sentences of more than three months and less than four years, who are deemed appropriate.

"To be placed on HDC, a prisoner must have served a quarter of their sentence.

"If a prison governor thinks there is a significant risk to the public, or risk of re-offending on HDC then the release will not be granted."