Legal Aid

LGFS and AGFS teams start priority reject system

PUBLISHED April 24, 2013

New priority reject system begins on 20 May 2013

A new priority reject system will be started on 20 May 2013 for litigator and advocates graduated fees.

How will this work?

If you think a claim has been incorrectly rejected then send us an email (see below).

You will need to explain why you feel the claim has been rejected incorrectly.

What happens next?

Your claim will be reviewed. If we agree it has been rejected incorrectly we will issue you with a priority reject slip.
You will need to attach the priority reject slip to the front of your resubmitted claim. This will ensure your claim is prioritised on receipt.

Claims returned without a priority reject slip

These will be dealt with alongside other claims received on the resubmitted date.

Enquiries about the new system can be sent to the email addresses below.

They should also be used to contact us if you think your claim has been incorrectly rejected

Further information ? advocate enquiries ? litigator enquiries