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Letter to the Guardian from CPS about Fortnum and Mason protestors

PUBLISHED November 23, 2011

A letter in the Guardian was misleading about the nature of the recent prosecutions against protestors at Fortnum and Mason. This was clarified by Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, whose letter below was printed in today?s edition of the Guardian. ?Far from being prosecuted for being "merely present" in Fortnum and Mason (Letters, 21 November), the 10 protesters convicted for aggravated trespass were those considered to be most culpable of disrupting the legitimate business of the store and intimidating staff and shoppers. In fact, proceedings against another 109 protesters were discontinued as not in the public interest. Professor Bridges has picked the wrong example if he wants to illustrate the use of "joint enterprise" as a legal concept. Alison Saunders Chief crown prosecutor, CPS London