The LCCSA welcomes publication of the report by David Lammy MP into the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in the Criminal Justice System
The Association had made submissions during the research process-see here:-

Our submission gave examples of Institutional Racism. We also highlighted the importance of a properly funded Legal Aid system to help tackle discrimination in the CJS.

We stand by our concluding submission “The coherence of society depends on a general acceptance of fairness and trials justice applies to all. At this point The Lammy Review is an important step but it is our view that real resources need to be devoted to statistical analysis and a review of rights. That public expenditure in community resources needs rebalancing post-austerity to restore resources to the most disadvantaged communities. That concrete steps need to be taken to address diversity throughout the CJS and education and training re IR are priorities and IR should be addressed through sentencing guidelines”

The LCCSA supports the recommendations within the Lammy report, and our members will continue the fight to try and ensure that the Justice system is fair to all.


Law Society Gazette article here

Blog by LCCSA Committee member Greg Foxsmith here 

Lammy article in Guardian here

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