LCCSA protocol document

PUBLISHED June 15, 2014

There has been wide coverage in the national and legal news do the ‘no legal aid’ protocol adopted in pockets of the country. Our colleagues are entering the 11th week in Hull and the impact has been immense, similarly in the West Country and elsewhere. Some areas have been observing the work to rule protocol for some weeks, and major city is to announce its participation in the next few days. Although the ‘no legal aid’ policy was launched at our meeting on 31st March at Conway Hall, and despite the efforts of a few firms who observed it for a few weeks, it has not been followed by the majority.
From Monday 16th June, to coincide with the Magna Carta day protests, we are asking our members in London to follow this protocol. A bare minimum will show that with the cuts already introduced and proposed, the goodwill that firms had previously shown to oil the wheels of the justice system has now gone.
Details as to what you can do are attached. LCCSA Summary of Court Protocol