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LCCSA and Lammy

PUBLISHED October 2, 2017

Tonight the LCCSA is proud to be one of the key sponsors of an event giving lawyers an opportunity to meet David Lammy MP, and discuss his recently-published report into the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in the Criminal Justice System.
Due to an overwhelming response, we have had to change venues so that we have room for a larger audience. The event is now taking place at: Kings College University (Waterloo Campus) B5 Auditorium, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Stamford Street, London SE1 8WA.  Kings have high security measures so please note if you have not registered you will not be allowed access to the venue.
Tonight's event is being chaired by former President Greg Foxsmith.
The Association earlier had made submissions during the research process-see here:-
Our submission highlighted the importance of a properly funded Legal Aid system to help tackle discrimination in the CJS.
We stand by our concluding  submission “The coherence of society depends on a general acceptance of fairness and trials justice applies to all. At this point The Lammy Review is an important step but it is our view that real resources need to be devoted to statistical analysis and a review of rights. That public expenditure in community resources needs rebalancing post-austerity to restore resources to the most disadvantaged communities. That concrete steps need to be taken to address diversity throughout the CJS and education and training re IR are priorities and IR should be addressed through sentencing guidelines”
Current President Greg Powell is attending to put that point direct or Lammy and the panellists tonight.
The LCCSA supports many of the recommendations within the Lammy report, and our members will continue the fight to try and ensure that the Justice system is fair to all. We hope that tonight's event will be a step forward in that fight.
If not attending, follow the event on twitter and contribute via #ColourBlindJustice