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Gary McKinnon extradition: What politicians have said

PUBLISHED October 16, 2012

David Cameron, now Prime Minister: "Gary McKinnon is a vulnerable young man and I see no compassion in sending him thousands of miles away from his home and loved ones to face trial.

"If he has questions to answer, there is a clear argument to be made that he should answer them in a British court."

Nick Clegg, now Deputy Prime Minister: "Gary McKinnon has been hung out to dry by a British government desperate to appease its American counterparts.

'Under British hacking laws he could still face up to five years in prison. Leaving him to rot on the other side of the Atlantic is nothing short of cruel."

Chris Grayling, now Justice Secretary: "To extradite somebody in that position to the U.S. to a strange environment is undoubtedly going to cause health issues for Gary McKinnon. In the past, where there have been similar cases, we have seen trials take place in the UK.

"There is no doubt that an offence has been committed; Gary McKinnon has admitted that. But why on earth is this trial not taking place in the UK?"

Dominic Grieve, now Attorney General: "Ministers must make every effort to see justice done for Gary McKinnon."

James Brokenshire, now Security Minister: "Mr McKinnon should have been prosecuted in this country, and I cannot understand why that has not happened."