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Flexible courts to speed up court cases

PUBLISHED October 11, 2012

Dozens of flexible court pilots that will speed up cases and help modernise criminal justice services have been unveiled by Justice Minister Damian Green.

The Minister made the announcement during a visit to Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Magistrates' court.

Flexible courts will include:

  • Courts to sit outside traditional working hours and on weekends
  • Increased use of video-link technology including prison to court links where suspects can appear in court from prison and from police stations to the court for first hearings
  • 48 pilots to go live in coming weeks across England and Wales

Justice Minister Damian Green said:

'We want the justice system to respond further and more effectively to the needs of victims, witnesses and the local community.  I am extremely pleased that thousands more people up and down the country will benefit from flexible courts in their communities.  
?This is one part of our drive to create a swifter, surer and more flexible justice system for all.'

Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Magistrates' court is operating extended hours and uses video-links so suspects can appear in court from the prison where they are held.  It held its first Sunday court pilot on 7 October.

There will be 48 Flexible CJS pilots across England and Wales.