Extension of the current Covid-19 contingency arrangements from the LAA

PUBLISHED September 30, 2020

We share with you below an email from the LAA regarding extension of the current Covid-19 contingency arrangements:
We have published the latest update to our contingency page, today. The timeframe for many of the current contingency arrangements has been extended to January 2021. We will of course keep these under review, and will continue to keep you informed as the situation changes.
We’ve also announced some processes restarting/ reverting to business as usual including:
• Informing clients to show cause when a client falls into arrears to warn them for civil means during October
• Civil Legal Advice telephone lines will revert to BAU hours of operation
• Some contract management activity will continue to restart
We would be grateful if you could share this information with your members, and we will include them in the Legal Aid Bulletin and on our social media accounts.