Do Lawyers Do Any Good

PUBLISHED November 1, 2005

Research paper by Avrom Sherr, Director, Institute of Advanced Legal School of Advanced Study, University of London. In the introduction, Mr. Sherr explains "The paper represents some very early fruits research which until now was simply not possible to carry out in any jurisdiction - anywhere in the world. It is therefore quite exciting to consider what it might be telling us. You will probably be surprised that the questions that are being asked have not been asked or rather answered before. Answers, such as they are, which are proposed in this paper are proposed as a set of conjectures based on this newly appearing data. So, what I have to say will be both earth shatteringly new and completely unimportant all at the same time. Earth shatteringly new because it has not been done before and completely unimportant because until it has been done again and properly reflected upon, it would not be right to draw any lasting conclusions from what I say".